A Short Practice in Shoonya Meditation

Sit in any comfortable meditation pose – check that your head and spine are erect and steady but not tense –
become aware of the whole physical body from the top of the head to the tip of the toes – mentally go through the body and begin to relax it systematically –
keeping the body still, discover any points of tension and relax those – if there is any pain or discomfort anywhere then accept it – be as comfortable and as still as you can

(pause)  2 minutes 

Now that you've completed this relaxation exercise, Develop an image of the whole body at one homogeneous unit – one steady image – intensify your mental awareness of the whole physical body –

Imagine that before you there is a full-length mirror – look into the clear surface of the mirror and see the reflection of your body in this mirror – maintain complete awareness of the whole reflected body – try to have a clear vision without too much effort -just as someone else would be able to see you from outside, see yourself reflected in the mirror of your mind.


Begin to develop the feeling of complete stillness within the physical body – focus your attention only on this inner stillness – inside you are calm and serene -along with the experience of motionlessness and calm you are to create the experience of inner silence – your entire bring is pervaded by and infused with the strength of stillness and the depth of silence – absolute motionlessness; deep and abiding silence


Now imagine that your body is hollow from inside – there is only the external shell of skin – inside the entire body there is nothing but space – this external shell maintains the identity of the individual personality, but apart from this the body is totally empty –


When you submerge an empty glass in a body of water, what happens? The water is all around the glass and it is also contained within the glass, but there is a partition formed by the glass itself – this partition appears to separate the water into two different substances or flows

In the same way, try to experience that you are floating in an ocean of energy and consciousness in which your body and mind exist.

The very same energy and consciousness which surrounds the body and the environment around us contains the causal body a so – this is the experience of the body as being nothing but an empty shell -there is no one except you, floating at total ease in an ocean of energy, space, and consciousness

Try to develop the feeling of profound silence, stillness and calm penetrating everywhere, both within and without as you float at perfect ease –
the experience of the body is like a big empty cave – experience the stability of the body and mind – experience infinite silence within body and mind – expand and intensify this feeling, this awareness


Now, take your awareness to hridayakasha – the space in the center of the body, near the heart -the space inside the physical cave- steady the attention, the awareness and one-pointedness at hridayakasha and begin chanting ‘Aum' feel the vibration of ‘OM' penetrating your being – the mantra ‘OM' is vibrating inside the body and mind 

– (pause)

Begin to move the awareness from chakra to chakra within the body -continue, this practice for a minimum of ten minutes.
Now, stop this practice and remain quiet for a few minutes as you feel the space and silence inside yourself, and around you in the environment


The practice is now over – very slowly and gradually externalize your consciousness and gently begin to move your body keeping the eyes closed – finally, when you are feeling externalized, open your eyes.

Aum Tat Sat.


Yoga School of Bihar
Paramahamsa Niranjanananda
Original Source

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