A Grateful Death

It's TIme To Go

Bryan at Two Years Old
Bryan at 2 years

Bryan had always been a child at heart, with a sense of wonder and curiosity that never seemed to fade.

But now, as he stood face to face with Death as a benevolent Grim Reaper, he felt a pang of sadness.

"Bryan, it's time to go," Death said softly, his voice almost fatherly.

"Wow! So soon? I thought I had more time," Bryan replied, his eyes wide with surprise.

"Everyone says the same thing," Death replied, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Bryan looked up at Death with pleading eyes. "Can I stay a little longer?" he asked, his voice filled with childlike innocence.

"I'm afraid not," Death replied gently. "Time to go, now."

Bryan nodded, his lower lip trembling slightly. "Okay," he said, his voice barely above a whisper.

Death reached out a hand and gently took Bryan's, leading him toward the unknown. "Walk with me," he said, his touch surprisingly warm.

Bryan followed Death, his hand clutching tightly to Death's.
He stopped and tugged on Death’s hand.
"One more thing," he said as Death turned to face him.

"What's that?" Death asked, his eyes softening.

Bryan smiled up at him. "Thanks for everything," he said, his voice filled with gratitude.

"I appreciate it, and I'm grateful."

Death returned his smile, his eyes crinkling at the corners. "You're welcome," he said, his voice warm and comforting.

Together, they walked toward the void, Bryan still holding Death's hand.

As they moved farther and farther away from the world he knew, Bryan felt a sense of peace wash over him.

Even though his time on earth had ended, he knew that Death was there to guide him home.

And in that moment, he realized that the end of playtime was not a thing to be feared but rather a reminder that there was always more to discover beyond the horizon.

He started singing some Robert Johnson Delta blues…

"Me and the Devil, ooh
Was walkin' side by side"

He doo du doos through the parts he can't recall…

"You may bury my body, ooh
Down by the highway side
So my old evil spirit
Can get a Greyhound bus and ride."

Bryan glances over at Death.

The Grim Reaper has turned into Cab Calloway, and he’s wearing a Black Gangster Zoot suit, replete with a black wide-brimmed hat, long chains, wide bow tie, and sporting some wickedly serious dancing shoes.

He snaps his fingers at Bryan, and they start a cakewalk and singing together into the misty void…

"Me and the Devil, ooh
Was walkin' side by side
And I'm going to beat my woman
Until I get satisfied"... 


-Bryan Thompson 2020-2023

Robert Johnson - "Me and the Devil Blues"

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