"It was going to be a long ride and there was no reason to hurry"

Whoever thinks Westerns really have anything to do with the old West, hasn't really watched them all that closely.

I saw "Appaloosa" recently. As far as Westerns go, it's Okay. However, I was really struck by the last line of the movie, to such an extent, I rented the DVD as soon as it came out to catch it again. And then I noticed how the opening lines and the final lines tied the whole movie together.

...from opening dialog  

But life has a way of making the foreseeable that which never happens
and the unforeseeable that which your life becomes.

...last line of movie 

As for the unforeseeable, well it was out there waiting for me.
I headed straight into the setting sun and rode West at an easy pace.
It was gonna be a long ride and there was no reason to hurry.
- Hitch (Viggo Mortensen) from Appaloosa

And he said "everything out here ain't what it seems
And when you're down to nothing Just go ahead and dream
Face the fact that you're circle in a world full of squares
Trading sorrows for tomorrows, now that's the hobo's prayer"
-Hobo's Prayer by Marty Stewart


Pilgrims, Cowboys, Yogis, Sannyasi ascetics, Samurai Warriors, and Hobos; It gets kinda hard to tell them all apart...

"I can't afford the luxury of emotions"
- Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

"Feelings get you killed"
- Virgil Cole (Ed Harris) from Appaloosa

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