My Higher Power Leads the Way Today
Intuition in Play

And when tomorrow becomes today
I shall be led the same way

Intellect vs. Intuition
A Spiritual Battle

It took over a year for her to save up the money. Finally, the day had come: the dream trip of a lifetime. Hotel booked, flights paid for. Dear friends accompanied her to the airport for a fond bon voyage.

Suddenly she announced, "I'm not getting on that plane."

On a day that would hold two episodes of utter bafflement for her friends, this was the first.

"What do you mean you're not getting on the plane!? It's about to leave! Your dream trip! You PAID for it!"

But it was useless. She picked up her travel bag, exited the airport, her friends staggering behind with question marks dancing above their heads.

That night, when the late news came on, her friends had their second episode of utter bafflement. The plane had crashed, a few survivors. "Did she know? If so, how did she know not to get on that plane?"

Intellect vs. intuition, logic vs. intuitive guidance. It made no apparent sense to not get on the plane. No "right-thinking" person would simply walk away from a dream trip so longed for.

In spiritual development, a hard struggle begins when learning to shift from relying on the intellect alone to start trusting intuitive inner guidance. It is very tricky. For beginners, wishful thinking will often dress itself up in the guise of intuition.

And when things go awry, some will dismiss intuition as fallible, not to be trusted - instead of doing the hard work - the humbling hard work - of patiently developing their intuitive abilities over time; the hard work of learning to distinguish between ordinary thoughts and the truth.

Spiritual development is not for the weak, not for the impatient, not for those lacking determination.

There is no real spiritual development without intuition: I state that flat out. But make no mistake – I am not trying to demean the intellect. It is a most powerful tool when used rightly.
Intellect: absolutely necessary to make it in this world. I state that flat out as well. But it can be deceived. Ego can subtly mix in.
A correct course ever-so-slightly veering off all unnoticed, a humbling fact to accept.

The smartest, the cleverest, add humbleness to their intellectual prowess, realizing that checking-in intuitively is best. Only the humble can develop intuition.

The above story about the woman who cheated death is a true one I learned from a show about inexplicable life events. Now a true one from my own life...

He came into the art store I was newly appointed manager of with an armful of rolled-up canvases for custom framing.

My home office, located in another state, was closely monitoring from afar to see if I was up to the job. They were keen on adding custom-framing to their income stream.

A further element to note in this life-drama, I was training an employee who was a timid fellow but a hard worker. I was teaching him to do the custom framing by letting him watch how to work with customers.

And this customer was quite something for him to observe. This man, a recent emigre' from a country whose history has anciently included the economic strategy of the barter-system, was a challenge to deal with. That is putting it mildly. But it was such a large order, far and away the largest we would ever see, so I felt okay to give this man a discount.

Here's one more element to mention: this customer had the imposing presence that only unnaturally large, bursting-out-of-his-clothes, muscles can give.
A body-builder. Ah me. The scene is set.

My first mistake: I let him leave without a deposit. I knew to always get a deposit – I knew that! But he was in a hurry.

Reason, logic, intellect: we have his valuable paintings, surely he will pay at pick up!

We completed the order. Completed, that is, except for one piece, we had to wait on due to a back-ordered frame. But this burly body-builder wanted the paintings, which I later learned he had slipped out of his home country to sell to wealthy fellow emigres.

But he would not show up! Time and again, his promise to show would not be fulfilled. As the months passed by, my company's CFO (Chief Financial Officer) was calling to ask why a sizeable outstanding amount was owed.

My status with superiors was waning. I had to come up with a plan. I reasoned it out. Intellect at it's finest... or at least what I could muster while stressed.

I found out he was working out of his brother's liquor store (!?), which, as it happened, was not out of my way from my drive home. I got him to agree to meet me late one Friday afternoon. I would bring the paintings that were ready, he would have the check.

To my relief, there he was! Of course, he was too busy to help bring them from my car, so I alone made the three necessary trips through rows of intoxicants to load them into the brother's back office.

Me in a liquor store - this non-drinker! Nevertheless, I lost my sense as though I was a drinker! At the placing of the last painting in the office, he was nowhere to be found. No him, no check. Store employees shrugging shoulders in response to my inquires.

Leaving the paintings, I went home mentally exhausted, but figuring, at least, he has the one remaining piece yet to pick up. Surely he would pay then!

Over the weekend, I made the long, hard inner struggle to get past my anger. Clearly, my reasoned approach had failed miserably. I gave up before God. And when I did, the grace of inner guidance – intuition – took hold. A beautiful plan flowed into my mind – a strategy that I knew would work.

I knew, and I knew that I knew. Intuition.

It was like a play. And when a play is put on, and all the actors know their parts, the drama unfolds in a pre-determined, pre-written manner.
I instructed my assistant manager in her part, my newly trained framer in his part; I told the minor actor in this drama her role. They all knew ahead of time where to stand, what to do if this, what to do if that.

I knew he was coming this time. The delayed piece was now ready, and too, he had more paintings for framing. His get-rich-quick plan was apparently working. He had motivation: the green motivation that clearly shaped his life. I met him at the framing counter. I looked this muscle-bound in the eye and said with dry, measured, quiet authority, "I'll need that check first."

Every one of my employees knew that if he did not have the check, they were to clear the room. He did have it, and my minor actor knew to take it from me, make a beeline to the balcony office and give it to my assistant. She was to immediately call the bank it was drawn on to verify there was enough in the account to cover it. If yes, she was to signal me thumbs up and instantly head to our bank to make the deposit. If no, thumbs down, and all employees instructed: clear the room.

Thumbs up. So far, so good. But I was not done. I had positioned my framer six feet away. I made sure the customer heard me instruct my employee, "No more discounts for this man." I then turned this man over to him for the new order. As soon as this man said the word "discount" - which I knew he would! – my framer was instructed to say "I will have to talk to my manager about that." When I returned to the framing counter, all employees knew – you guessed it – clear the room.

They cleared the room. My most crucial part of this life-drama had arrived.

"No discount. Full price. Pay in full. Up front - or leave."

When he started to protest, I rudely cut him off.

"You've mistaken this for a conversation. This is not a conversation, this is me telling you the way it is. Now gather your stuff. If you are still here one minute from now, I will contact the police and report a trespasser."

This behemoth – this man who could pound me in the ground like a fence post – went pale. He obeyed. The saga was over. Except, of course, for the angry call to my home office, which I knew would come. But I had given them the heads up to expect it. They stood behind me. My status not only restored but enhanced with a congratulatory call from the CFO.

Intellectual reasoning alone could not have made this happen. No intellect without the addition of intuition could have conceived this plan. Intuition - only intuition.

The structure of our lives has changed dramatically. What was relied upon formerly no longer obtains. The need for a reorientation to faith-born intuition is now indispensable. So let us enhance our reasoning power, let us expand our intellect – but, going forward, let intuition be the ultimate arbiter for daily living.

May we all make the journey of intuitive development in a smooth and grace-filled fashion.

My Higher Power Leads the Way Today
Intuition in Play

And when tomorrow becomes today
I shall be led the same way

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Our affirmation:

My higher power leads the way today; intuition in play.
And when tomorrow becomes today, I shall be led the same way.”

Format for easy memorization:

My higher power leads the way today/
intuition in play./
And when tomorrow becomes today/
I shall be led the same way.

United Affirmation Initiative c 2020 #71

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