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Mystic Eye is a rare opportunity to delve within and uncover your innate wisdom and joy.The program includes powerful meditations with Sadhguru, a world renowned yogi and profound mystic.‘What is my life’s purpose?’ ‘How can I find my soul-mate?’ ‘Is there life after death?’ Mystic Eye participants are encouraged to bring their most intriguing lifelong questions.

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“I looked into Sadhguru’s eyes and became dizzy. I was gazing into deep pools of love that just sucked me in and totally enveloped me. I had never had that kind of experience before. All I could think of was ‘Ooooohhhh, I’m in for some wild stuff.’

And then he opened his mouth and began to speak. When he talked, it resonated so deeply within me that I almost had a physical experience of his words. I felt that I was touched on a cellular level. To be more succinct, I was completely blown away.”

– Richard Vogt, aka “Richard from Texas,” a characteer in Eat, Pray, Love by Liz Gilbert


How many times has each of us wished for answers to life’s deep questions?